Testimonials to a Successful Clay Handprint Home Business

This Unique Business Opportunity Has Helped Others
Achieve Their Goals

This sampling of our customer testimonials helps show you why training with us to make these ceramic handprints is your path to a provenhome based business opportunity with heart.  Or, your studio based small business opportunity with heart. Either way, our training will explain it all!

Please read what some of our previous trainee’s have to say about our clay handprint training programs:

My friend Trisha and I had been contemplating starting a business together for years. Our ideas ran the gamut, from interior design to buying a coffee shop. As two stay-at-home moms, starting businesses like those was a scary prospect because we didn’t know how to begin and there wasn’t any assurance that it would turn a profit. I have two little boys and Trisha has twin girls, so the time we could put into a new business was very limited.

All our fears were laid to rest when we received our DVD and Manual to start this clay handprint business. We felt so fortunate to do something so fun, and, how could such a beautiful product not make asuccessful business?

The manual was easy to follow and the DVD was very professional and fun to watch. After viewing it a number of times, we realized what a benefit to us it was to have Hedy and Ross’s many years of experience helping us along. Without it, we would have spent many years trying to perfect the impressions and instead, it only took us a month!

Taking out the guesswork has given us the freedom to get creative and we’re really excited about the products we have to offer.

Ross and Hedy have been extremely supportive, and proud of our journey. They answered our phone calls and emails promptly and always had just the right thing to say. It took us about four weeks to feel comfortable with the entire process of making the impressions and in our first month we made over $600 without any marketing efforts. We’ve just signed up our first preschool with over 200 children attending for the Spring! We’re so excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Dear Hedy and Ross,

I am so grateful to you both for the excellent training I received.  After the three day session I went home feeling like I could be successful starting my own ceramic handprint business, which is a true testament to the skillful instruction you both gave me! I had never worked with clay before, yet I am producing high quality ceramic handprints just a few short months after my training session.

I think back on my training with fond memories.  I learned how to create something beautiful and precious.  I really enjoyed getting to know you both.  Your calm and laid back dispositions made for a positive learning environment. 

Once I returned home and began practicing, I found the manual and DVD to be an extremely valuable resource!!  I refer to the manual frequently and when I feel like I need to have a visual refresher I feel so fortunate to be able to bring you both into my living room by turning on the DVD!!  I have also really appreciated the email support I have received since I’ve returned home. 

I feel so fortunate to have been given the tips and procedures to begin a very successful business venture of my own!  I love having a job that brings happiness to others, that allows me to express myself creatively and allows me to determine when and how much I work.

Thank you so much for sharing so patiently

and thoroughly! 

– Shannon