About our Handprint Pottery Small Business Opportunity

Our heart-felt recommendation for a Home-Based Business
you can love, making cherished keepsake clay handprints
and footprints of baby, child and pet.

Hello!  We are Hedy and Ross Hale…

In 1974 we arrived in the seaside community of Morro Bay, California with a plan to open a working pottery studio and gallery.  It was our first family business.  Ross had been working in clay since 1967, and Hedy since 1970.  We found a defunct Laundromat  that was perfect for a pottery studio.  It took a lot of elbow grease, but we were on our way. 

Working in clay became our way of life, and we were determined to be successful.  We filled our gallery with our sculptures and functional pottery.  We became active members of our art community and taught pottery classes at the local community college and in our studio.  We made our family business opportunity into a happy way of life. 

During our first year of working, it became readily apparent that we needed a way to bring in extra income on a daily basis.  Hence, 34 years ago The Original Pawprints was born- making keepsake clay handprints and footprints of baby, child and pet.  What started out as a way to preserve lasting memories for our friends grew by popular demand into a thriving clay handprint family owned business. 

Our small gift from the heart had created a way for us to raise and support our family while creating our art.  It is the gift that has continued to grow.  These ceramic handprints and footprints keepsakes not only created a customer base for us, but they provided their own form of self advertising and repeat visits by our clients.

As our clients watched our success, they too wondered if they could bring this success into their lives.  Since we are both credentialed teachers, our clients’ curiosity sparked the idea of developing a unique family business opportunity making keepsake clay handprints and footprints.

Seventeen years ago we trained our first client in our 3-day personalized ceramic handprint business opportunity-training program.  We created a comprehensive manual that supported all of our instruction and offered complete technical support.

Today, the success of our original In Studio” Home Based Business Opportunity Training Program has convinced us that we can effectively train people who are unable to come to our studio with our “Learn at Home” Training Business Opportunity Program.  This program includes our state of the art instructional 1-hour, 45 minute step-by-step

training DVD, comprehensive manual, business tips, marketing, technical support and much more. 

Our training is designed for entrepreneurial-minded people.  Our home or family business opportunity is an ideal way to raise your income, and/or work from home.   If you own your own ceramic studio, this is a perfect new product to offer your clients to diversify your business. 

We have clients who travel long miles to have these ceramic handprints taken,and you will too.

Our business is Profitable, Flexible, Fun, and, Creative. 

We are extremely happy to share with you our success with our two business training options. 

We love what we do, and we take great pride in doing it.  Let our 34 years of experience work for you.  Your success is our success.  This business changed our lives, and it can change yours too.  We can show you how to live your dream of owning your own ceramic handprint business with heart!

Welcome to our small business opportunity training programs.

Ross and Hedy Hale

We are ready to help you start your own business! Please contact us for more information!