Start A Clay Handprint Home Business

Setting Up a Business with Heart: Treasured keepsakes in Clay
Training DVD, Manual, Marketing, Support & More.

Learn At Home!  It’s Easy!  It’s rewarding!  It’s Profitable!  We’ll show You How!

Our proven “Learn At Home” Training Program shows you how to start a home business creating kids’ and pets’ clay handprint keepsakes with total confidence, ease and lots of heart! 

This creative and fun small business opportunity is perfect for stay-at-home-moms, women, men and families- (part or full time) who want to earn extra income.

  • No experience with clay necessary:  It’s that easy!
  • No guesswork:  We show you how to do it – exactly
  • No toxic materials used:  Safe for kids, you & the Earth!
  • Not a franchise:  Low start-up costs.  No hidden fees.

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We’re excited to offer you the first (and only) Clay Handprints Keepsakes Small Business “Learn At Home” Training course.

Starting a home business this fun & creative

couldn’t be easier:

  • We’ll teach you everything you need to know – from A to Z.
  • Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
  • No Travel is needed.  (Unless you want to, of course.)

Our complete “Learn At Home” Training Program guides you through the process to start a home business – step by step – with our exclusive Instructional DVD & Detailed Training Manual and Technical Support.  We give you:

“I must say that the DVD has been my savior!  I’m a visual learner and I continue to watch certain chapters as needed.”

– Melissa

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We help you – every step of the way!

We don’t hold anything back.  We show you all the tricks of the trade.  Our secrets become your secrets.  We’ve done it.  Let us show you how to do it! 

Simple, staightforward, step-by-step instructions for creating the highest quality handmade clay impressions.  

Our comprehensive Instructional DVD and Training Manual go hand in hand, with audio, visual and written instructions, and corresponding chapters for easy learning.

Instructional DVD (1-hour, 45-minutes!)

We personally walk you through the entire process- from taking your first handprint order to shipping product.

Professionally filmed in our ceramic studio, you will meet us “in person” on the video, while learning at your own pace at home – from the comfort of your easy chair.

Training Manual (21 information-packed chapters!)

We’ve carefully outlined everything you need to know in our thoroughly detailed and easy to follow manual.  Step by step, chapter by chapter, we show you exactly what to do. 

Our Manual Includes:

  • Working with customers
  • Clay preparation
  • Imprinting
  • Cleaning
  • Glazing
  • Kiln Firing Programs
  • Finalizing
  • Follow-up
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Trade secrets
  • Supply list and suppliers
  • Business organization
  • Marketing and much more

Both let you learn and review our techniques – again and again – any time you want.

Other helpful tips and topics we cover include:

  • The best way to place the fingers and toes (and paws!).
  • How to create an esthetically pleasing impression.
  • How to “troubleshoot’ and what to watch out for.

A complete understanding of how to safely use and care for the clay, glazes, tools, kilns and materials. 

No prior experience in clay is necessary!  We’ll make you comfortable and confident with the entire process from start to finish. 

  • Where to get your kiln and other materials- (including a suggested comprehsive tool and suppliers list).
  • How to work with clay and glazes for best results.
  • Proven kiln firing techniques and schedules for both manual
    and programmable kilns.

I’m having so much fun &feel so fullfilled.

-Melissa …
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Tried and true marketing methods to grow your business. 

Set up your business to achieve financial success and independence.  Hit the ground running with our proven marketing plan basedon our 34 years of practical experience.

  • How to market yourself with very little expense.
  • How marketing and customer service keeps your
    customer base growing.
  • Start making money soon after your training.
  • Start small and grow with your business.

Start-to-finish steps to set up, organize and control your business.

We teach you:

  • The importance of keeping organized paper work. 
  • Record keeping recommendations for your business.
  • How to track the handprint through your on-site visit, at your shop or your home, billing your customer and notifying them about pick-up or delivery.

We even give you examples of an invoice, business card,

flier, brochure, gift certificate, thank you notes, notification of completion cards, a sign-up sheet for groups, plus a cover letterto introduce yourself to potential customers.

Complete technical support. Free, complete online technical support for 60 days after your purchase.  You don’t have to fend for yourself!

We are here to help you!  When you have questions about  setting up your business, just email us and we will address all of your concerns.  Your success is our success.

We are both certified teachers with 34 years experience in this business.  Our high level of personalized service and care is what makes our training so unique – and why we stand out in the world of home business opportunities.

This is an exceptional business opportunity!

Moms, women, men, families:  Live your dream!

Start your own Ceramic Handprint home-based business with Heart!

Our information, technical support and training will smooth  the road to your success, and give you all the confidence and knowledge you need to start and run your own home business.


We are ready to show you how to start a home business! Please contact us for
more information!

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