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Professional Baby Handprint Keepsake Business

Get started - learn to make your own baby handprints.
We provide training.  Easy and FUN Baby / Crafts Business!




Our Baby Handprint Training package includes Business Operations, Production, Marketing, Tech Support.  More...


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video demonstrating how to start a home biz making clay handprints

Video Clip.. See us in person
and the handprint training we offer.




Hedy and Ross pioneers of clay handprint small business opportunity

Making Baby Handprints is a fun Home Business Opportunity for Moms, Dads, Families and Crafters!  


If you love kids, cute keepsakes, and art you will find this business profitable and rewarding!  contact us!


Create keepsakes for families... 

Clay Handprints, Footprints.. even Pet Pawprints!


We can help!  Yes!  We Train You!


  "My training with you was a fantastic experience. It has jumpstarted me beyond any expectations."  


-Celine Testimonials page



Start a business with our training that can be

Profitable, Flexible, Fun, and Creative.

A unique baby-oriented small business opportunity

with heart!

  • Own a home based business and take your business to your clients
  • Be your own boss, set your own hours, and
    work from home
  • Start a business with low start up costs
  • Start a business that generates repeat business
  • Be creative and increase your income
  • Work with families, babies and even pets
  • No eperience in clay is necessary!




Creating these handmade ceramic baby handprint keepsakes makes good business sense.  It's the successful answer to your dream of owning your own craft business. Make it a reality.  We show you how! 


Our names are Ross and Hedy Hale, and we know from our personal experience that this is an exciting and profitable business and a fun craft to enjoy.  We have 34 years of being in this business, and we have extensive teaching experience. 


We are very excited to offer our proven handmade clay handprints training program to you!  It is an excellent small business opportunity for women including stay at home moms, plus men, women and families wanting to start a home based business. 


This ideal small business opportunity is easy to learn and fun to do.  No previous experience in clay is necessary!  We are both credentialed teachers who will show you everything you need to know to create these beautiful family keepsakes to build a successful small business in your community.  We smooth the road to success by providing great step-by-step information and training.


Why choose us to train you?

  • Experience!  Our training programs incorporate our 34 years of experience.  We have perfected this process and we will show you everything we know to get your handprint business up and running.  We use these same steps everyday and have already helped others just like you achieve their dreams while working at home.  We make it simple for you to learn at a pace that suits you best. With our training, you will truly learn how to create these memorable baby handprint crafts!
  • We offer technical support.  We do not send you home to fend for yourself!  Your success is important to us and we are here to help you! 
  • We help you jump-start your small business opportunity by providing you with marketing, customer service and day-to-day business tips.  We show you what works and what doesn't for this fun baby-related craft.
  • We are NOT a franchise.  We have a simple business opportunity at a fraction of the costs for a standard franchise or traditional startup business.
  • We offer two training options:  choose what fits you best!  Our "Personalized In Studio Training" program (Cost-$6000.00) and our "Learn At Home Training program" (Cost-$495.00).  Both programs provide step-by-step instructions and guidance the whole way to help you successfully start your own small business.  Our training is a ready-made business program complete our with state-of-the-art instructional  21 chapter manual, and our professionally produced 1- hour & 45 minute step-by-step- DVD, business tips, marketing plan, technical support, and much more.

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If you have ever dreamed about a fun family business, and want to start your own business, consider making baby handprints.  This handprint impression art business can be very exciting, rewarding and profitable!  Plus, these professional handmade ceramic handprints are treasured family keepsakes that last generations!

We are ready to help you start your own business! Please contact us for more information!