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This sampling of our customer testimonials helps show you why training with us to make these ceramic handprints is your path to a proven home based business opportunity with heart.  Or, your studio based small business opportunity with heart. Either way, our training will explain it all!


Please read what some of our previous trainee's have to say about our clay handprint training programs:




Dear Hedy and Ross,


Thank you so much for your quick, friendly, and knowledgeable support as I begin my own ceramic handprint business.


I am grateful I had the privilege to work in your pottery studio while I studied at Cal Poly, SLO, during which time you and your business left a lasting impression on me. Your work was unique and beautiful, your training was clear and detailed and you were genuinely good and caring people. Of course I came back to Full Moon Pottery when my children were born to get their Pawprints taken by the best in the business! When I realized you were offering training in your business craft and model, I came back again, with the hope of starting my own small, home-based business.


I purchased your training DVD and manual, which were detailed and easy to understand. Your excellent technical support was critical to my understanding and confidence in going through the whole handprint process and especially in firing the kiln. I had many questions, and your prompt and detailed responses were incredibly helpful.


Who gets their first bisque and glaze firings perfect? I did! And that is all thanks to you, Hedy and Ross! I have to admit, I was a little scared of firing that huge kiln in my garage for the first time, but when I saw how beautiful the handprints came out the first time, I couldn’t wait to do it again. I still had much to practice to perfect the craft, but those first firings prove that your training program can be successful with a willingness to learn and practice.


Thank you for sharing your craft, time, and expertise with me. I'm excited for the future of my small ceramic handprint business. I love being able to work with my hands and meet with families and children, all the while supporting my family and working from home.


All the best,



 Dana and Trisha celebrating finishing clay handprint training with work-from-home-moms

 Dana and Trisha's Family


baby handprint made by trainee Dana


Dana & Trishia's work


("All our fears were laid to rest when

we received our DVD & Manual")

My friend Trisha and I had been contemplating starting a business together for years. Our ideas ran the gamut, from interior design to buying a coffee shop. As two stay-at-home moms, starting businesses like those was a scary prospect because we didn't know how to begin and there wasn't any assurance that it would turn a profit. I have two little boys and Trisha has twin girls, so the time we could put into a new business was very limited.


All our fears were laid to rest when we received our DVD and Manual to start this clay handprint business. We felt so fortunate to do something so fun, and, how could such a beautiful product not make a

successful business?


The manual was easy to follow and the DVD was very professional and fun to watch. After viewing it a number of times, we realized what a benefit to us it was to have Hedy and Ross's many years of experience helping us along. Without it, we would have spent many years trying to perfect the impressions and instead, it only

took us a month!


Taking out the guesswork has given us the freedom to get creative and we're really excited about the products we have to offer.


Ross and Hedy have been extremely supportive, and proud of our journey. They answered our phone calls and emails promptly and always had just the right thing to say. It took us about four weeks to feel comfortable with the entire process of making the impressions and in our first month we made over $600 without any marketing efforts. We've just signed up our first preschool with over 200 children attending for the Spring! We're so excited and grateful for this opportunity.


Thank you Hedy & Ross!






baby ceramic handprint made by Shannon at Pawprints training

Baby Handprint made by Shannon!



Shannon completeing clay handprint training

Ross, Hedy, Shannon & Family

Dear Hedy and Ross,


I am so grateful to you both for the excellent training I received.  After the three day session I went home feeling like I could be successful starting my own ceramic handprint business, which is a true testament to the skillful instruction you both gave me! I had never worked with clay before, yet I am producing high quality ceramic handprints just a few short months after my training session.


I think back on my training with fond memories.  I learned how to create something beautiful and precious.  I really enjoyed getting to know you both.  Your calm and laid back dispositions made for a positive learning environment. 


Once I returned home and began practicing, I found the manual and DVD to be an extremely valuable resource!!  I refer to the manual frequently and when I feel like I need to have a visual refresher I feel so fortunate to be able to bring you both into my living room by turning on the DVD!!  I have also really appreciated the email support I have received since I've returned home. 


I feel so fortunate to have been given the tips and procedures to begin a very successful business venture of my own!  I love having a job that brings happiness to others, that allows me to express myself creatively and allows me to determine when and how much I work.


Thank you so much for sharing so patiently

and thoroughly! 




clay handprint training with Pawprints in Morro Bay, CA.
Maureen and her family

Dear Hedy and Ross,


I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for sharing this wonderful business opportunity with me, and my family!


You have both been so supportive and helpful as we get this business started.  I can't thank you enough for all your advice about selecting, testing and purchasing a kiln.  You have truly been people of your words to answer questions and helping us, through sharing your knowledge.   


I am so excited to share the joy of these creations with others.  We are on our way! Thank you again! 



clay handprint training with Pawprints in Morro Bay, CA.
Holley taking a print

Dear Hedy and Ross,


How can I begin to thank you for what you have done for me and my family? Your training program has given me what I could NEVER put a price on... the CONSIDERABLE income into the family.


I found your training manual and DVD invaluable  tools throughout my learning process, and your guidance and direction FAR exceeded my expectations.  You both made me feel like a part of your family, supporting and encouraging me every step of the way.  Everything you said was 100% true; I couldn't be happier!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  These last few months working with you have been life changing.  I'm on my way thanks to you! 




baby footrpint and handprint in ceramic clay
Karen's beautiful work

Dear Hedy and Ross,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me get started with my ceramic handprint business.  Your Learn at Home Program, the DVD and manual are amazing! My 3 1/2 year old son loves to watch the DVD with me and watch "the print lady!" Everything is thoroughly documented in a step-by-step basis and is very easy to follow.


Your help over the phone has been invaluable! You have answered all of my questions and made wonderful suggestions! You have gone above and beyond to ensure that I have the knowledge to begin my business! I am so grateful to you both for sharing your expertise and for your ongoing support! 



March 26, 2009.. Update from Karen 


Hi Hedy and Ross,


I am having so much fun with my business!  I love interacting with the children and creating keepsakes for their families to remember their little hands and feet.  I truly appreciate your continued personalized technical support.  You are always there to my answer questions, and I am very grateful for your support.


Thank you so much,


- Karen


Hedy teaching this unique business opportunity to Lisa


A successful home business started with training from Hedy

Lisa and Hedy

"I would like to share with others how happy I've been to be trained by Hedy and Ross Hale of Full Moon Studio and Pawprints, real artists and most of all real people.  My first experience with them was ten years ago as a customer of Pawprints.  My first child was in a Mommy and Me class that Hedy came to. 


The heirloom quality and beauty of Pawprints were amazing to me.  Later, I got the chance to have my three children printed at their preschool. 

I have my Pawprints hanging in prominent areas of our home because I love them and I love the memories they sustain for me.  (The comments from others are testimonials in themselves.)


A year ago, I started searching for the small business for me and I contemplated several.  The one that always stood out in front was the ceramic handprint business. 

I have never worked with clay.  I have never had a ceramics class or would even consider myself an artist. 


I desired a business that got me out among people, gave me a creative outlet, provided me alone time but that worked with my large family and our bustling lives.  I also wanted to make money doing something that makes others happy, the brings a smile to the world.


The Hale's are a very likable couple and they maintain a great business persona at the same time.  An important point they are always stressing throughout the training is to keep your business in order.  They show you step-by-step how to do that.  Everything they teach is learnable.  I had fears about my abilities but found throughout my training sessions that we would cover items several times, helping me integrate everything. 


Having since finished the training, setting up my own business and successfully completing my first batches of prints, I can adamantly say that any question you have they will be there to answer.  I had questions all throughout my first batch of prints and and would get immediate e-mail responses from Hedy or Ross.  There were lots of long, detailed explanations helping me to fill in the blanks with their expertise.  I strongly believe that I will be able to call in five years and they would happily help me!


I am pleased with my new business and feel that my training set me up to succeed.  The product is lovely and one-of-a-kind and easy to market.  My mentors are genuine professionals that want to share their gift with you.  I am available to share my experience because it has been wonderful and life rewarding!"






Clay handprint and footprint made by Chirs
Chris' personal touch!

Hedy and Ross's website and information about their business is truly the real deal!  It is exactly what you read and see on their website!  They are kind and warm people who provide you with a sense of reassurance that they are with you in beginning your new business adventure! 


I have been making ceramic impressions for one year.  Hedy and Ross are immediately available to answer any questions and provide suggestions/guidance.   


Their manual and DVD are superb.  It is professionally done and provides you with precise information to begin your business and make ceramic handprints!


This business has allowed me the freedom to earn extra money and begin a  business without the overhead of significant costs that most other businesses have! 


It's been wonderful to make these handprints and provide parents with cherished keepsakes/memories of their children!  Parents love them!   This has been a wonderful small business opportunity for me and my family!


ceramic pawprint of dogs prints
Susan's Dog Prints

Ross and Hedy Hale have created a truly wonderful training program! The package comes with a very detailed, easy to follow and read manual, as well as a DVD that puts the manual into action.


Their great personalities come through as you watch them take you step by step through the process of creating hand and foot prints, teaching you what you need to know to learn how to create beautiful work.


They have been a great support system, answering all my emails very quickly and talking me through steps on the phone as well.

They are friendly and really want to help you learn!


This little business I've started is great fun and I am so

grateful that I have had them to help me do it!



A successful home business begins with training
Hedy and Celine

Dear Hedy and Ross,

Thank you so much for helping me venture into this wonderful new handprint business.  It is changing my life everyday.


My training with you was a fantastic experience.  I can truly say it has jump-started me beyond any expectations.  My business is already started and after only a month of practicing all that you taught me, I feel very confident in my skills with clay.  My handprints are turning out so beautiful.  Friends and family are blown away at what I am creating.  EVERYONE wants one!


For me the best part of training with you has been your ongoing support.  As you know, I am not shy to write an email regarding the littlest thing.  And you have been so wonderful at responding quickly and without hesitation with an answer.  Just knowing I am not alone and have 34 years of experience at my fingertips gives me a huge confidence to go forward and rest assured that I will not be left in the dark.  I couldn't have done it without you.


I feel as though I have known you both for years, thank you.


Your friend,


A successful home based business is Lynne's goal
Ross, Hedy, and Lynne

"I came to Hedy and Ross's ceramic handprint training program with no background working in clay and left feeling confident that I could produce a quality product while making the business fit my family. 


Training with someone so unfamiliar could have been very challenging, but Hedy and Ross make it enjoyable.  Anytime I found a skill difficult, they would make suggestions and / or modifications until I felt comfortable.  Their training was filled with simple, hands-on techniques and continual encouragement.  Hedy and Ross are extremely warm, genuine and a pleasure to be around.  If you choose to train with them, you will not be disappointed."



Our unique business opportunity fits with Yvette's family
Hedy, Yvette, Her Kids, and Ross

"The training offered by Hedy and Ross has allowed me to confidently create these ceramic keepsakes.  During their training they made sure that I understood each step and gave me sufficient time to practice it.  Even months after training they've provided me with technical assistance.  They definitely delivered

as promised."



Christine's successful home business started with Hedy and Ross' training
Christine and Hedy

Dear Hedy and Ross,


I just wanted to let you know that the training you provided me with was everything I needed and more to get my business off and running.  I had been trying for over five years, with little success, to duplicate the Pawprints you made of my children.  The training answered all of my questions and gave me tools to put out a great product.  It would have taken me years to figure out the technique. 

Thanks a bunch!


Melissa loading kiln full of clay handprints



Melissa and Hedy upon completion of home business clay handprint training

Melissa & Hedy

Dearest Hedy and Ross,


Firstly, thank you for all you have shared with me!

Your experience, expertise and personal attention far exceeded my expectations. Meeting you both for my hands-on training program was a gift in itself.


I spent over a year thinking about how I could make this dream possible and launch my own business. The reality is, when I finally made the decision to sign up for your training program, I felt relieved, excited and inspired!


Hedy and Ross are both true teachers and their training program is incredibly thorough and straightforward. They gave me the tools I need in order to succeed, from start-to-finish. It was streamlined, fun and very professional. They held absolutely nothing back and shared years of knowledge ... things that would literally have taken me years to figure out. They take great pride in their work and it shows ... I feel so good knowing that I'm creating original artwork ... there is simply nothing sweeter than a unique hand-painted impression of a child's hand and/or foot!


The manual is well written, easy-to-follow and has become my 'bible' ... and I must say that the DVD has been my savior!  I'm a visual learner and I continue to watch certain chapters as needed.


As far as ongoing technical support, advice, suggestions and encouragement. WOW!  Customer Service at it's best. Their response time to email/telephone questions is almost immediate and very thorough. I truly feel that they are both here for me and want to see me succeed.


All in all I feel I've made two wonderfully creative and sincere friends who are passionate about training and helping their students succeed. If anyone is considering this course  ... go for it!  You will not be disappointed. It will help you jump-start your business and you will feel confident in your work.


Every day I feel more confident in my craft and am proud to show my customers the finished product.  I have a wonderful studio space, which has become my little sanctuary. Being a stay-at-home Mom of two girls, it feels so good to contribute to the household income and best of all; I'm having so much fun and feel so fulfilled!




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