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Start Your Own Home Business With Heart:

Make Creative Ceramic Handprints of Babies, Kids & Pets
for Fun and Profit with Our Training.


learn how to make baby and children's handprints and footprints from Pawprints In Studio home based business training


"Preserving family memories

for fun & profit"



video demonstrating how to start a home biz making clay handprints

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Overview of our training program.


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 In studio training to show how to start a business of your own




 Ross teaches one step in how to start your own home business




You can start your own home business with training by Hedy

Learning Tricks of the Trade.

Learn in Our Studio:  We show you how!

Individual, In-depth, Hands-on Training. 


Our comprehensive 12-hour "In Studio" Ceramic Handprint

Business Training program shows you how to start your own business at home making and marketing handmade ceramic handprints for children, babies, and pets, with complete confidence, ease -and heart!  Cost- $6000.00 Contact us



  "My training with you was a fantastic experience. It has jumpstarted me beyond any expectations."  


-Celine Testimonials page


Perfect for stay-at-home moms, men, women and families, this creative, rewarding and profitable small business opportunity is one you'll truly love to own.  Start working from home as your main occupation or part-time to earn extra income!


Jump start your own home business

by visiting ours!


We show you everything you need to know -

from A to Z.

  • No prior experience in ceramics necessary:  It's easy!
  • No guess work:  We show you how to do it - exactly!
  • Not a franchise:  No extra or hidden fees.

Come learn our proven techniques first hand.


Get hands-on individualized training in our professional, fully-equipped ceramic studio in scenic Morro Bay, California.  We make learning this business an easy, informative and all around enjoyable experience!  (We don't hold anything back -especially the fun.)


We only train one person at a time (not groups or classes). 

That way we can give you our full, undivided attention and personalized, one-on-one instruction.


As professional ceramic artists and credentialed teachers who have been doing this for 34 years, our comprehensive program shows you exactly how to start your own home business.

  • 12-hours intensive, one-on-one training.
  • Work side-by-side with us in our studio.
  • Learn all our tricks of the trade.
  • Gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to start and run your own business.

Contact us today to schedule a training date that

works best for you.


Fit our training into your schedule - not visa versa.


Unlike classes with pre-set dates offered for most workshops, our individual training is flexible to fit into your schedule.  The 12-hours of training can be over 2 or 3 days, as you desire.


Simply pick your preferred dates and contact us at 805-772-2890 to confirm.  (Training dates are reserved on a "first come/first serve" basis.  Please call early to assure we are open for the specific dates you want.)


We help you start your business- every step of the way! 


The techniques, systems and marketing methods in our comprehensive "In Studio" Ceramic Handprint Business Training  are thorough and time-proven - developed from years of perfecting and documenting our own business and experiences.

Our flexible two or three-day, 12-hour personalized
intensive training program includes:

Start your own home business with in studio training

In Studio one-on-one training. 

Includes DVD, Manual,

Tech support & much more.

Cost:  $6000.00 

Our secrets become your secrets:


Practice shown here is how to start a business making clay impressions

      Hands on Instruction

Simple, straightforward, step-by-step individual instructions for creating the highest quality handmade ceramic impressions. 


Our hands-on, confidence-building approach is straightforward, highly interactive and taught in a detailed, organized manner in our comfortable, friendly environment.

With our training and guidance, you:

  • Work at your own pace.
  • Do all the steps to make professional clay handprint impressions.
  • Gain "real world" experience working with our clients from 
    start to finish.

Practical  techniques and tips includes:

  • The best way to place the fingers and toes (and paws!).
  • How to create an aesthetically pleasing impression.
  • How to "troubleshoot" and what to watch out for.

complete understanding of how to safely use and care for the clay, glazes, tools, kilns and materials. 

(No prior experience in ceramics is necessary!).

Work-from-home-mom, Christie learning to make clay handprints with Hedy

Details Count!



Shannon learning to make clay handprints


Having fun at clay handprint training with a customer

Having fun with a mom at training!

We guide you from start to finish so you feel comfortable and confident with the entire process, including: 

  • Where to get your kiln and other materials.* 
  • How to work with clay and glazes for best results
  • Proven kiln firing techniques, and schedules for both manual and programmable kilns.

* (A suggested comprehensive tool and suppliers list is provided.)


Tried and true marketing methods for helping

your business grow.


Set up your business to achieve financial success and independence.  Hit the ground running with our proven

marketing plan based on our 34 years of practical experience.

  • How to market yourself with very little expense.
  • How marketing and customer service keeps your
    customer base growing.
  • Start making money soon after your training. 
  • Start small and grow with your business.

Start to finish steps to set up,

organize and control your business.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of keeping organized paperwork.
  • Record keeping recommendations for you business. 
  • How to track the handprint impression through your on-site visit, at your shop or your home, billing the customer and pick-up or delivery.

Examples to get you started:  We provide samples of an invoice, business card, flier, brochure, gift certificate, thank you notes, notification of competition cards, a sign-up sheet for groups, plus a cover letter to introduce yourself to potential customers.


Comprehensive "Learn at Home" Training Manual & Instructional DVD.


Your personal "In Studio" Training includes our exclusive "Learn at Home" Training materials at no extra charge.  (An $495.00 value.)  Like taking us home with you, refer back to them as often as needed.  This comprehensive package includes:



Learn at Home how to make ceramic handprints with

Click to preview



Kiln full of finished ceramic impressions at Pawprints home business training

Instructional DVD  (1-hour & 45-minutes!) 

Professionally filmed in our studio, we walk you through our entire process in our step-by-step video - from taking a handprint order to shipping product.


Training Manual  (21 information-packed chapters!) 

Our easy to read, comprehensively written and easy to follow manual reinforces all you have learned in our studio.  Everything you need to know is detailed - step by step, chapter by chapter-with exactly what to do.


Complete technical support.


Your success is our success.  We're here to help you!


We don't send you home to fend for yourself!  When you have technical questions about setting up your business, just email us and we will address all of your concerns for up to 6 full months 
after your training!


As certified teachers with 34 years experience in this business, our high level of personalized service and care is what makes our training so unique -  and why we stand out in the world of home-based business opportunities.


Enough production supplies for approximately

25 impressions.


Hedy taking a ceramic impression of a babies handprint with happy customer




 Pawprints:  Home of Ceramic Handprint Home Business Training in beautiful Morro Bay, Ca.

We send you home with enough clay and supplies to make approximately 25 ceramic impressions.  (Please note that we do not sell clay or supplies, but we will gladly recommend sources for you.)  Plus, we will fire and ship the practice samples that you made during training to your home - free of charge.


"In Studio" Business Training Program: 

Cost- $6,000.00  Ready to start


Why wait?  Live the dream of owning your own business with heart.  Let us share our knowledge and experience so you can start your own home business.


Call us today at 805-772-2890. We've fired up our kiln just for you.


Hedy & Ross


P.S.  Did we mention fun?

So your time with us isn't "all clay and no play," there will be "free time" during your 2 or 3 day intensive training to do as you please.


Our quaint, seaside town of Morro Bay on California's Central Coast (12 miles west of San Luis Obispo) offers lots of opportunities for sight-seeing, relaxing, shopping and dining.  We're happy to offer lodging and activity suggestions.  For even more information on our area, visit the Chamber of Commerce site.

We are ready to help you start your own business! Please contact us for more information!


Learn at Home Training Program


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