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Your Home Business Opportunity: Handmade

Ceramic Impressions for Children and Pets!


Handmade ceramic impressions: a lasting memory of a child you love.

Ceramic handprints are simple ways to capture a precious moment in time.

(Click on the images to enlarge and view more photos.)

Single - Handprint or Footprint ceramic hand print
Single Hand or Foot

Double - child hand print with foot print
Double Hand or Foot

Single with Frame - child's handprint with photo frame
Single w/ Frame

Double with Frame - ceramic kid's handprints and photo frame
Double w/ Frame

Hand-in-Hand - ceramic hand print of both parent and child captured in clay

Double Hand and Double Foot - ceramic handprints and footprints in clay
Double - Hands &
Feet - One Child

Double Hand and Double Foot for Sibling Pawprint - ceramic handprints and footprints of both brothers and sisters captured in clay
Double - Hand &
Foot - Siblings

Triple - 3 Kids on 1 Pawprint - ceramic childrens handprints captured in clay
Triple - One with
Three Kids

Sibling - ceramic kids' handprints captured in clay
Double - One with
Two Siblings

Generational - ceramic family handprints captured in clay
$160 & Up

Pets and Friends - ceramic handprints in multiple color choices, such as pink or blue
Pets & Friends

Pet pawprint and photo frame captured in clay
Single Paw w/ Frame
$68 & Up


* Prices are subject to change without notice. 


** We like the natural color because you can see all the lines and creases of your child's hands and feet so clearly, as it is truly a classic color.


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