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Benefits of Ceramic Handprint Business:

Starting a Business YOU Control and Profit From


Start your own business making creative clay handprints with heart. 

Benefits of Ceramic Handprint Business*Start a Business you Control and Profit from* Perfect for stay at home moms, crafters, and pottery studio owners


Our clay handprint business changed


our lives and it can change yours too!

You'll love getting up in the morning just so you can go to work!  Contact us


No experience in clay is necessary.


We will show you how our business is

Profitable,  Flexible, Fun, & Creative!


Start a business from home, and raise your income while you raise your children.

Create a business that fits the lifestyle you want for you and your family. 

You are in control of:


  • the number of clients.
  • your work schedule.
  • how fast your business grows.

Flexibility - start your own business on your own terms


We felt so fortunate

 to do something so fun, and, how could such a beautiful

 product not make a

successful business?


We realized what   a benefit to us it

was to have Hedy

and Ross's many

years of experience helping us along.


 Without it, we

would have spent

many years trying

to perfect the impressions ...


Dana & Trisha


more testimonials

Decide what work schedule is best for you.

  • Set your own hours - around kids, school or other priorities.
  • You determine how much (or little) you want to work. 
  • Design your business around your lifestyle and family.

No storefront or business location required.

  • Work from your home (or ceramic studio) or go to your clients.
  • You don't need to wait for customers to come to you.
  • Have immediate access to your clientele.  (We'll show you how.)

Control how - and how fast - your business grows.

  • You're the boss.  You decide the direction and pace.
  • Start small and grow as your experience, time and income allows.
  • Adjust your workload as needed, if your schedule changes.

Already own a ceramic studio or craft-related business?

Making ceramic handprints doesn't require starting a business

from scratch.   This is an ideal product for expanding or diversifying

your existing business.


Low startup costs.  Great profit potential.


We offer a great value for your investment.

We personally teach you every aspect of this business, which has

minimal upfront costs compared to the expense of starting most new businesses.  You can start making money immediately after

completing your training and purchasing your kiln equipment and supplies.


Our Training:  (choose from 2 convenient options)*

A.  Learn At Home Training Program:  $495.00 + CA. sales tax.

     Comprehensive Training DVD & Instruction Manual, Business Tips, Marketing Plan and much more.

B.  In Studio Training:  $6000.00. 

    12-hours of personal, hands-on, one-on-one training (over 2 or 3 days) in our

    Morro Bay, CA studio, plus the "Learn At Home Training" DVD & Manual to take home. 


Equipment/Supplies:  $1,000.00-$3,500.00.  (While you need to purchase these independently, we provide you with a complete list of suppliers and resources.)


*  Both training program include ongoing technical support.


See our Financial Opportunity page to find out how much you may expect to make in this business, based on our and other's experiences.


We are not a franchise -- No on-going or hidden fees.

After you complete your training with us there are no further fees or obligations. 

Every dollar you make is yours to keep or reinvest in your own business.


The best part of this business:

Ceramic impressions sell themselves and generate repeat business!


Perfect Family Gifts & Keepsakes.

These heart-filled clay handprints and footprints are sought-after treasures that will last forever.  They:

  • Capture a moment in time.
  • Let us remember and treasure how tiny our babies and children are now.
  • Mark cherished events like birthdays, christenings, the first day of school...
  • Honored beloved pets with "pawprints" of furry family members.

Everyone loves them.  Everyone wants one - from proud parents to pet lovers.


FREE "Word of Mouth" Advertising is one of your best marketing tools.  When one person shares their ceramic handprint with friends, they all want on too!  Just the experience of having one created generates instant referrals to more customers.


Make a profit while living the dream of owning your own successful business!  Start a Ceramic Handprint business at home.  We'll show you how!



We are ready to help you start your own business! Please contact us for more information!